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We are more than just a gym... we are a team of dedicated Strength and Conditioning Coaches, committed to your success and safety.  We are a community where we become stronger versions of ourselves.  We will push you to train hard, safely, while building a solid foundation of structure and mobility.  Our Revolutionary Level-Based system allows us to customize every workout to suite your current fitness level - whether you are just getting started or are an athlete.  You get to do a workout specifically designed for your level so you can train hard, safely!


Shawn Pallan is by far the most talented personal trainer I've worked with in over 15 years. His knowledge and expertise was evident from the moment we started working together. Shawn has the ability to work with any range of clients. His depth of knowledge and ability to make clients understand precisely what they are doing allows him to work with people young, old, dealing with chronic pain, all the way up to professional athletes. I absolutely recommend everybody to see Shawn!

Dr. Brandon Grant

Career Highlights:

ACE and BCRPA Personal Trainer, Strength & Conditioning Coach, Group Fitness Trainer and Corrective Movement Specialist for over 25yrs.  Lucky to have trained with some of the best Physiotherapists, Naturopathic Doctors and Chiropractors in the Lower Mainland learning how to bridge the gap between rehab and athletic training

Catalyst Athletics Olympic Weight Lifting Certified

CMFA Certified

Functional Movement Screen Certification

RKC Hardstyle Kettlebell Certification

CHEK Practitioner - Scientific Program Design

CHEK Practitioner - Scientific Back Training

CHEK Practitioner - Scientific Core Conditioning

Member of NSCA




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