Goals Don't Come to You...

You Go to Them

We have a relentless commitment to growing stronger every day, and we empower others to strive towards becoming the strongest version of themselves.  Day by day, one workout at a time, anyone can transform their body and their life.


What We Do...

Through quality of movement, the right support, a proven system and an honest effort, you'll feel better, become mentally stronger and more positive - effects that lasts a lifetime - the  fitter body is only the icing on the cake!  Our revolutionary, level-based system changes how group training is done and helps make each group class feel personalized. Get Ready to Transform Yourself. Our classes are led by qualified instructors who help you train hard, safely. Helping you burn fat, build strength and tone up. Our system can be modified to fit any fitness level. Whether you've never touched a weight or you're an experienced gym rat, our professional coaches will be there to hold you accountable, motivate you and have fun.

Hi, I'm

Shawn Pallan

I have been a Corrective Movement Specialist and Strength & Conditioning Coach for 25 years and have enjoyed every aspect of it.  I have worked with EVERYONE from the Moms and Dads just trying to get back in shape or stay fit, to MVA Rehab Clients, to MMA Fighter, Special Olympic Athletes, Movie Stars and the Vancouver Canucks NHL Prospects.  I have a passion for health and fitness and am "all in" when it comes to committing to your success - which means I will hold you accountable to the same level of taking responsibility for your health & fitness.  I love this industry and have a passion for learning about the body and how to help it be stronger and move without pain.  This has lead me to learn, hands-on, from some of the best chiropractors, naturopaths and physiotherapists in the Lower Mainland.  

Minute Workout

1 min

Jumping Rope





1 min

Jumping Rope

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